Miscellaneous 3d

(For the GB emulation jam I felt like making a game-boy to project one of my projects onto.)

3d Lego Model

(After watching The Lego Movie I felt inspired to work on a 3d mini-figure.
I'm quite pleased with how the model looks, I need to move onto hair though.)

3D UCA Farnham3D UCA Farnham IT Block

(The UCA IT block was a project that myself and a few others worked on.
The project didn't end up great in the end, but I was happy with my work.)

3d stylised spider

(The spider is from a project we entered into the Dare to be Digital competition as part of our pitch.
Using the mesh work of a team mate a mapped and textured the model to the standard you see here.)

(This low res, poly retro-thing, was a short project myself and an animator worked on as pretend playstation footage.)