"Neo-Cretaceous Britney" Playable on Czech & Russian Server

To my surprise my university project Neo-Cretaceous Britney was taken and hosted by my friends to the east, even though this was not done with my permission I'm glad the game has enjoyed a wider reception. Czech it out, or maybe try the motherland comrade.

My impressions upon playing it again, is that the game feels quite sluggish, my project in random generation for Dino-Pteror (WIP) also makes this project seem comparatively primitive.

However it got me thinking that it could use with a quick once over, so I am likely going to dip my toes into polishing up this old project (Time flies!), to be re-uploaded under my own accounts on European servers. Mayhaps with some form of copy-protection, if it doesn't cause any issues.

My plan is to sort out the gameplay, with tweaks to the presentation, the art could always be better, but I think it'd be a black-hole for this simple a project. So the plan is to use some spare Unity FX assets, and apply new scripting techniques to improve performance and gameplay, for use in a remastered build.


  • Apply simple universally understood icons to navigate menu.
    • Or have language selection by flag
  • Put Britney in the background of menu (make it clear what game is about)
  • Have incoming enemies spawn a distance away whereby they will meet the player at a vector on their segment of track
  • Clean-up UI
  • Update code (New unity engine, New techniques)
Stretch goals
  • Add new sections of track with ramps, or jump pillars
  • Add better cameras with follow AI
  • Add intro segment
  • Add bikini to britney
  • Add more "ads" for variety, randomize their texture rather than have multiple FBX files.