Ork Freebootaz

I am easily distracted. I've been working on a freebooter shoota themed army.  Lots of dakka, hats, stripes and dakka!

Still got a L'L'L'LOT of models to paint. I've been going for a sailor-blue, with yellow and red, and lots of pin stripes.

Tactically, they haven't been performing all that well, but most of that is on me, for instance not deploying in cover, and not having more support units. I've recently got a Big-Mek with a Kustom-Force-Field, and I'm working on a trukk.

I'm still learning a lot of the rules, the Saves and the Morale system confuse me a lot, I'm more into the creation aspect honestly, but hopefully I'll learn the other systems.

Fingers crossed I'm hoping for some friendly rules come the 8th Edition Ork Codex next year, more specifically something for a shoota based faction, if not Freeboota then Badmoons/Deefskullz maybe for rerolls to hit, lower shoota costs, or even durability.

In terms of my other projects, Dino-Pteror and OpenXcom they are proceeding at a slow pace. I'll post more about those later.